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Key enablers to successfully construct ultrafast grocery stores

ACE11 is the Amsterdam-based company with a significant experience in design and construction of the commercial stores. In 2021, after a global pandemic, ACE11 was awarded our first contract by Getir which is the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery. The initial scope was covered 4 stores in the Netherlands, and after the successful deployments of those stores. The scope was several stores in 5 different EU countries with a record completion time. Although it was a challenging scope, especially post pandemic environment where finding a quality labor was key and still have some cross-country travelling restriction, ACE11 managed to deliver the scope within the given time frame and the budget.

What are the key enablers to overcome such a challenging assignment?

Customer understanding: it is vital to giving them good service and have successful project. ACE11 gives necessary attention to identify everything about its clients and their needs. Moreover, having significant know-how in the industry gives an opportunity to provide early feedback prior to the project. It brings, most of the time, cost and time savings to the project. It also enables to set mutually defined targets and eliminates unexpected revisions during the course of the project.

Planning: it dictates how to effectively organize the team for the project. It incorporates determining necessary future activities based on the client’s needs, assigning them to the right personnel, providing tools and raw material. Especially in such complex operation environment, simultaneous operations in 4 countries, planning phase is crucial to fulfill the delivery target.

Communication: to accommodate customer understanding and planning, we maintain strong communications with the clients and other stakeholders. ACE11 brings experts and decision makers into the conversation to minimize any potential issues before it happens.

Agile working style: ACE11 works as project-based structure instead of traditional silo structure. It helps us to take faster actions and response to the client’s requests. It also increases flexibility enabling teams to easily adapt to change and benefits faster detection of product issues or defects

Right partners: ACE11 has strong partnerships in the Europe construction market since 2011, by completion of high-quality works for many well-known companies including luxury Italian and English brands. Thanks to our partnerships, ACE11 offers full range of services to our clients in EU.

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