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Color Revolution

Poltrona Frau launches ColorSphere®, the new color system that gives rise to the equally novel Pelle Frau® SC. Seven sets of colors for a total of 73 tones, to create a more harmonious dialogue between spaces and furnishings

A new era begins at Poltrona Frau. A luminous, variegated, intense era. Goodbye to monotonous uniformity, hello to a universe of shadings! ColorSphere® is the name of this unprecedented project that updates the DNA of Poltrona Frau; a crossover project in its concepts and its aims. ColorSphere® is a voyage in time and space: it draws on the history and heritage of the brand to explore the contemporary world, grouping different chromatic latitudes, personal inspirations and habitat objects involving eclectic contaminations.

With ColorSphere® a new interpretation of color is developed, evaluated along a simpler, more immediate path of perceptions and emotions. While the starting point was the company’s range of 96 hues, updated and adapted to new interior design needs, the arrival point is a chromatic map that identifies and brings together seven groups of tuned colors (73 hues in all), for greater ease of selection and combination. Starting with the fact that the everyday need is to have more versatile, integrated spaces, where furnishings and objects also complement each other and establish a dialogue amongst themselves and in relation to the host space, the result is also a system of chromatic cataloguing that reflects these changes, expressing the contemporary experience of living. ColorSphere® is therefore a system that – as the name implies – is capable of unifying colors and atmospheres.

Innovation on the theme of color has been a constant in the evolution of Poltrona Frau. In 1912 the company supplemented natural leather tones with dyed leathers, in red (emblematic in the Vanity Fair armchair, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year), moss green and ultramarine blue; after expanding the color range over the years and updating processes of production and crafting of leathers, in 1986 the firm, together with the chromatologist Paolo Minoli, created Color System Frau®, a system (initially with 73 colors, extended over time to 96) that encodes the materic and chromatic universe of the brand.

In 2020 ColorSphere® – created in collaboration with the chromatologist and textile designer Giulio Ridolfo – revolutionizes the palette, concentrating on the natural radiance of leather, the luminosity and intensity of colors, while also having an impact on the material itself, becoming an integral part of the leather in tune with its natural hues: the result is the new Pelle Frau® SC.

Seven main families go into the new system, ordered in keeping with a chromatic logic of tones and sub-tones: Into the Black (grays and blacks), Milky Way (whites), Foundation (powder and beige), Tierras (browns), Red Memories (reds), Winter Garden(blues and greens), or taking inspiration from a metropolitan and international palette (Back in Town). Of the 73 final colors, 26 are the historic shades inherited from the Poltrona Frau catalogue, joined by 47 new hues.

The core units of Poltrona Frau – the Residential, Contract and Interiors in Motion divisions – have provided inspirations for the new entries: the world of hospitality has suggested the range of grays, natural tones and browns, while the office has offered stimuli for shades of gray and blacks; the automotive sector has contributed to expand the range of beiges, cowhide tones, blues and greens.

Thanks to its nature and accompanying concept, ColorSphere® becomes a functional and revolutionary design tool. “We wanted to create not just a simple color chart for in-house use – says Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Poltrona Frau – but a tool of support and simplification for all professionals operating in the sector of architecture and interior design, while also helping people who simply want to choose the ‘right’ color for their furniture.”


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