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Red Bull NL - Amsterdam

Red Bull does not derive its identity from 5 keywords or a formulated DNA. Red Bull is Red Bull. And their greatest strength is to “give wings” to people and ideas. In everything Red Bull does, besides producing and selling cans of energy drinks, they always apply the same principle: How can we give wings to an athlete, a musician, or an artist? How can we provide maximum support for him or her to perform?

Red Bull has a human culture, both internal and external. And this interior is designed in that fashion: Warmth, lightness, comfort, freedom. Complemented with Red Bull creativity: an exhibition of murals, furniture made of kiteboards, concrete half-pipes, a DJ booth, dirt bikes, Alpha Tauri clothing’s and of course Formula 1 attributes. And items that remind of smashing successes.

Usually, interior architects are somewhat reluctant to release decorative infills to the users, but Casper Schwarz has no doubt in this case: “If you want to give freedom, you literally have to give freedom. Creativity is paramount at Red Bull and they have an eye for detail. Hessel Roos, head of media network at Red Bull: “We have a long history of putting action sports on the map. We want to give that a place here, too. For example, we process skateboard decks as stair treads.” “We use both the skate decks of Red Bull athletes, and of all major local Dutch skate shops and skate parks. To support the local scene.” At Red Bull, people are always full of ideas that require samples and test setups. By providing space for these processes, their natural working environment is created.

Red Bull is not a rigid organization by nature and the choice to go to the Houthavens area aligns perfectly with this. Creative organizations love to settle here because this is an environment where living, working, leisure, sports, restaurants, and bars intertwine in a natural way. It is a beautiful biotope, shaped by the people, the buildings, the waterfronts, and the vibrancy. Red Bull could also have opted for a building in the historic city center. But this new building, with its enormous windows of the archetypal warehouse facade design, and the wide view over the harbor waters, has its own charm and strength. It radiates the energy that suits this global brand. Even though the inside spaces are deep and wide, if you were to sit here alone for a day, you would still feel at home. Literally “A home away from home."

Architect: Dedato Designers and Architects

Interior architect: Casper Schwarz Architects

Project architect: Casper Schwarz

Design team: Amy Wanders, Marit Willems, Muzeyyen Kozman

Client: Red Bull NL

Suppliers: branding office furniture, Kemper inrichters, Zwaartafelen, Inventio, M + N Projecten B.V., DONKERSLOOT CARPET, CooLoo, Acosorb BV, Project99, Boysinthewood, Erco, Billux, bibloxx

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