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New Amsterdam Courthouse

Completion: 2020

Size: 47.257 sqm

Architecht: Kaan Architecten

The New Amsterdam Courthouse is located at the intersection of the Zuidas and Parnassusweg. The open structure of the architecture offers both employees and visitors views over the city, and passers-by the opportunity to engage with the building. The courthouse building is exemplary in its efficiency, like the organization itself, and is part of the daily life surrounding it. Natural design consequences of this are the big windows at the ground floor as well as the entrance courtyard for public use. The city’s streets merge with the layout of the building. The forecourt, the central hall and its foyers, and the waiting areas for visitors are an extension of urban space. Just off the central hall, the building has two independent structures with 50 courtrooms and council chambers, while the large ground-floor courtroom has been designed with a direct access route. The building has several green spaces: an enclosed garden, vertical gardens, a sunken garden and large terrace.


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