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Interior Design Trends for 2021

Being this time of the year when one looks in the past for inspiration and in the feature with the hopes of new one wonders what will the new season bring? One of the trends that left a strong impression upon the fashion industry and now in interior design is the sparkle of the 70’s night disco club in combination with the luxury, velvet softness and oblong volumes from the ’80s. But besides the nostalgic hint, those artistic impressions carry, what lies ahead? What will the feature bring? How will we (and our home environment) change and evolve?

Being an optimist, I expect that the upcoming 2020-2021 season will bring greener and more sustainable initiatives, which will guarantee exquisite beauty and style but without the harmful consequences for nature. One of the most exciting prospects and examples for the upcoming 2021 are the innovative experiments of the industry and the designers to create unusual and new materials based on recycling, alternative technologies and a well-balanced approach between nature and technologies.

Many innovative companies and young designers already experiment with the usage of leftover materials, the reuse of what others consider garbage and the creation of innovative materials and trends. The usage of natural materials like seagrass, bamboo or corn has already a strong niche and influence over the production of modern furniture elements and decor details.

New, intriguing and creativity inspiring details of this “reuse-reduce-recycle” approach in the interior decor, become the recycling of electronic components and auto-technologies. But, of course, the most important aspect for all industries is to reduce the usage of plastic and to recycle the existing one – especially considering the enormous patched of plastic found in oceans and water bodies all over the world. This recycling transformation of harmful and polluting garbage into functional and stylish furniture details is already a strong trend with wonderful examples. The arising awareness and social consciousness about the ecological problems threatening our planet influence the industry to produce accordingly. Many people also start to search and choose locally manufactured items and handcrafted elements, form small local firms or directly from the producer, which gives a whole new read on the expression “creating a home”.

So, two tendencies occur (contradictory ones, at first glance) – the search for luxury and the need for sustainability and gentile exploration of natural resources. How will both combine in the feature of interior design? What is the golden middle ground? That is one of the questions we will research in our article for the feature design trends in 2021.

The other significant topic is the new tendencies of modern urban living – how the needs of the new middle class can be meet accordingly. The increasing dynamics of city lifestyle requires more of its limited space. The digitalization of work and flexible working schedules permit more and more people to work from home, which gives the designers the challenge of creating homes with a special working areas integrated into the home’s design. A sustainable and challenging trend that requires creative design solutions. The urban homes become hybrids – apart from the traditional spaces for rest, entertainment and daily activities a new space for work and creative inspirations is needed. What a challenge?

Another significant change in modern home design becomes the integrated living space: kitchen and sitting area- which will allow people to prepare food while socializing. An open floor plan of kitchen, dining and living zones is a new “must” for modern life’s dynamic. Socializing whilst cooking is a new trend that finds its creative and stylish solutions. Such a distribution of living space is also quite helpful for young families with small children allowing them to keep an eye to the kids while preparing food.

The new search for healthier and more dynamic lifestyle form healthy food consummation to mobility during office hours- is another significant trend of the feature. What makes the employers and office designers to integrate fitness items into the traditional work environment – you can explore in depth here…

To summon up: leisure time furniture elements and comfort inviting items are still very welcome in the living room premises- spacious and comfy. The bedrooms are a perfect space to introduce some luxury and decadent glamour -velvet, sparkling metal details, marble and other luxurious materials are very hot in the bedrooms design. If you like the oblong shapes, bright colors and disco sparkle of the 70’s and 80’s now is your time to introduce them into the living rooms design. The heavy textile, draperies, velvet textures and canopy beds have their Renaissance in the bedrooms’ settings of the future.

Do you still cook, or do you live in your kitchen?

The shift of the family’s dynamics and lifestyle of modern homeowners puts the kitchen into the heart of the home –thus creating a new style of open-floor arrangement and fluid motion between different functional zones. Here is one stylish and trendy example of how the fluid sequence of rooms composes a comfortable living space that offers intriguing design solution for multidimensional lifestyle.

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