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Hermès reportedly cashes in US$2,7 million sales in one day in one store in China after reopening.

Hermès‘ registered sales of $2.7 million on the reopening day of its flagship store in Guangzhou’s Taikoo Hui Mall last Saturday a few days after the lock-down and restrictions caused by Coronavirus had been lifted. The record sales figure reported by WWD come as no surprise given the rare items the brand had shipped to the store, which are very rarely available in its physical stores, including a diamond-studded Himalayan Hermes Birkin bag (estimated between US$80.000-100.000).

Birkin and Kelly handbags are normally only available by order, waiting lists mounting from 1 to 2 years, depending on the location. An rare Hermes Birkin or Kelly can even double its value in less than one year from acquisition, with at least three specialised e-commerce websites which list such Hermes handbag pieces. Therefore, the investment factor is critical in making a purchase. None of the other Hermes product categories, except rare scarves, have such an increase valuation.

Hermes diamond-studded Himalayan Birkin

The single-day tally, believed to be the highest for a single boutique in China, offers a confidence boost for luxury brands who are eager to get tills ringing again after the coronavirus outbreak. Hermès could not immediately be reached to verify the sales figure, but its VIPs documented their shopping foray across Chinese social media, such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu.

The new Hermes store location at Taikoo Hui Mall, spanning some 5,500 square feet and previously occupied by Prada, boasts an extensive facade that “features a wall with a modern yet minimalist aesthetic, cleverly combining the local tradition of brick making and enamel craftsmanship.” It offered for sale two exclusive Birkin designs inspired by the jacket worn by the Imperial Guard of Napoleon III, according to a statement seen by WWD.

“This reopening affirms the house’s commitment to Southern China and marks a new chapter for the Parisian house in Guangzhou, where it has been present since 2004,” the statement added.

Before the reopening, Hermès closed its first store in Guangzhou, located in what was once the luxury hub of the city, La Perle Plaza, and merged that team with its Taikoo Hui Mall store, which first opened in 2011.

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