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All the institutions and associations presented “Bologna together with Cersaie”, the Manifesto for safe participation in the International Fair, which takes place from September 27 to October 1, 2021.

Exhibitors and visitors to the 2021 Cersaie scheduled in Bologna from 27 September to 1st October will find a city and its transport infrastructure, fair and accommodation ready to welcome them in the name of greater food safety and the classic hospitality that has always distinguished the city of Bologna and Emilia Romagna. This is one of the messages that emerges from the presentation of “Bologna together with Cersaie”, the manifesto-event that saw the presence, at the Palazzo Re Enzo and via zoom connection of Italy and the whole world, hundreds of journalists and companies participating in the 38 th edition of the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings.

The occasion made it possible to formalize the letter that all the institutions, associations and economic realities participating in the event wrote to Prime Minister Mario Draghi to invite him to Cersaie and to the Lectio Magistralis of the Pritzker Shigeru Ban, which will be held on Friday 1 st October to November 00 at the convention center.

Giovanni Savorani, President of Confindustria Ceramica, declares: “For ceramic and bathroom furnishings companies, Cersaie 2021 is the meeting which will consolidate the resumption of activities and give it a stable outlook: the 15 fully occupied pavilions of BolognaFiere with some 600 Italian and international exhibitors confirm this. Thanks to Cersaie, our companies will be able to physically meet Italian and foreign distributors and designers, present new trendy products and discuss future collaborations. The presence at this edition of the Contract Hall in pavilion 18 opens up new opportunities for the real estate world,

Virginio merola, Mayor of Bologna, affirms: “This year, the edition of CERSAIE in Bologna will be more than a great international event which has long contributed to the reputation of our Salon and of our city throughout the world. It will be a great opportunity to send out a safe restart message from this city and to prove that a united territory can make a difference and show one face to the international public. The pandemic has inflicted a heavy blow on trade fairs and the figures for this Cersaie tell us that it is on a global scale and it is an honor for us that the world's most important companies in this sector find themselves in the heat. of the Bologna arcades. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart because this Show is a big company, carried out with professionalism and ability to join forces for an economic sector that is crucial for this region and for this country. We are waiting for you " !

Gianpiero Calzolari , president of BolognaFiere underlines: “The importance of international fairs for the economy of our country and our territories has been highlighted again during this last year, which has been seriously affected, on an international scale. , by the pandemic emergency. With the resumption of activities, and building on the experience and new tools we have acquired during this period, the contribution of our international events to the promotion of Made in Italy excellence will be even more effective, and our collaboration with the organizers who choose BolognaFiere as a business partner will be even closer ”.

Stefano Bonaccini, president of the Emilia-Romagna Region declares: “Cersaie marks the restart of international fairs, the sector which suffered the most from the shutdown imposed by the pandemic, and the rebirth of the ceramic district, strategic for our region and for the country thanks to the highest level of exports. With the collaboration of all parties concerned, as this region is used to doing, with institutions, professional associations and companies operating in the field of transport and hospitality, we will show operators around the world that it is possible to open trade fairs in complete safety. Today, we announce that we are ready to welcome in our region thousands of operators and visitors coming from Italy and abroad and we confirm again the strength and the quality of our system of fairs. We do it together thanks to a structured model of strict protocols, controls and good practices that above all protect the workers who allow us to create such beautiful and important events, then the operators who will come to exhibit the best Made in Italy products at from new eco-sustainable materials, to reach the press, stakeholders and the public who will be able to convey throughout the world the most beautiful image of Emilia-Romagna: a region that forms a system by focusing on the excellence of products, practices and hospitality ”.

One of the strong points of the meeting was precisely the physical participation, in Palazzo Re Enzo, of all the representatives of associations and economic realities which, for various reasons, make it possible to carry out the international event that is Cersaie.

Valerio Veronesi , president of the Bologna Chamber of Commerce, says: “With Cersaie, the first major face-to-face show, we can set off again internationally and in complete safety. Bologna has the capacity, the experience, the structures and the organization to do this. And the event will be an opportunity to show the world a model of safe hospitality that everyone can admire and reproduce. You can come to Bologna with confidence and security. We have already demonstrated it and we will continue to do so ”.

Enrico Postacchini , president of G. Marconi Airport in Bologna, said: “Since the start of the Covid-19 emergency, our company has deployed the best solutions to ensure the safety of passengers. This commitment has enabled us to obtain (first airport in Italy and third in the world) the international recognition 'ACI Airport Health Accreditation' on airport security. As a privileged entry point for the main commercial events in Bologna, we believe that the return of Cersaie face-to-face is a very strong and important signal for restarting the territory ”.

Patrizia Bauer, president of the Tourism and Culture branch of Confindustria Emilia, central region, declares: “It is a pleasure to see the activity of the Fair restarting, which is fundamental for our territory and for the accommodation and hotel sector. It is very important for us to open the calendar of appointments with Cersaie, an international event, face-to-face, after the health emergency. Also with the help of technological innovations, we can offer our services, from catering to accommodation and conference services, safely and quickly, by offering, for example, check-in and check-out in line. In terms of safety, we have insisted with the responsible institutions that employees in this sector be included in the vaccination schedule and, now, most of them go through the vaccination cycle. Our hotels are therefore ready to welcome exhibitors and visitors in complete safety and in compliance with all protocols, thus guaranteeing the quality of service and hospitality, consolidated and recognized, which characterizes our city and its surroundings ”.

Celso De Scrilli, President of Federalberghi Bologna underlines: “We must guarantee and be guaranteed so that our customers feel protected as if they were at home. It is precisely for this reason that not only do we scrupulously respect the protocol of the sector, but we have also created, as an association, tools which illustrate a series of solutions to be adopted in the hotel and which make it possible to transfer to the customer, including visually, attention to health protection. In addition to the Safe Hospitality / Accueil Sure identification mark, continues the number 1 in the hotel industry, there is a set of useful communication tools to remind everyone of the precautions to take to enjoy a safe stay. ".

Valentino Di Pisa , Vice-President of Confcommercio Ascom Bologna, said: “Confcommercio Ascom Bologna expresses its great satisfaction with the return of Cersaie 2021 to Bologna. The title of the press conference " Bologna together with Cersaie" announcing the thirty-eighth International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, 27 September to 1 stOctober, shows the importance of Cersaie which, from its first editions, has been able to create valid and lasting synergies between all the players in our territory and make the name of Bologna known throughout the world. The new edition of Cersaie, with the participation of 600 exhibitors, confirms the desire to relaunch companies in the sector, which continue to successfully achieve important objectives in terms of technological innovation and design. The greatest attention has been paid to the activation of anti-Covid-19 safety standards in visitor reception areas and in accommodation and leisure facilities in the city ”.

Giovanni Trombetti , president of Bologna Welcome, remarks: “During the last eighteen months, we have worked to make Bologna even more organized, close and easy to use, and therefore safe. An example of this approach is the MyBologna app, which allows you to purchase all the attractions in the city in advance and remotely, to talk with us, to understand how to get around safely. At the same time, we have strengthened the city's offer with new attractions, dedicated stay offers and training activities. All this was possible thanks to the strong collaboration between the institutions and the whole private world of hoteliers, restaurateurs, shopkeepers, travel agencies and professional guides ”.

At the end of the meeting, all the institutions, associations and economic realities that participated in the meeting signed a letter of invitation to Cersaie addressed to Prime Minister Mario Draghi.


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